care and facilities

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Care of adults and
children living with HIV/AIDS

Jeevadan is specially oriented towards the needs and concerns of women and children affected by HIV/AIDS and strives to provide a physically and psychologically conducive atmosphere. We assure a confidential approach by involving physicians, nurses, counsellors and volunteers who help the patients regain their confidence and self-esteem which will motivate them to face society.

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Jeevadan offers 24 hours of nursing care which is inclusive of clinical and symptomatic treatment. The dedicated and experienced nursing staff at Jeevadan renders medical care but in case of any occurrence of infection, the patients are immediately referred to the hospitals for medical checkup and investigation. Symptom management helps us to give medicines on time and brings better results for every patient.
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Nursing aid staff render personal care such as bathing, feeding and washing of clothes to those in the terminal stage of their disease. Every need of the patient is taken care for by the nursing aids and everybody is treated with dignity and respect.
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Medical Care

Since the centre doesn’t have a residential doctor, patients are referred to hospitals for consultation, always being accompanied by the nursing aids.  The cases that require medical observation are admitted to the hospital. In addition, a doctor visits the centre every week and regular medical follow up is maintained.
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Food and
nutritional care

Our centre provides fresh and well-cooked food with adequate nutrition, which reduces infection and boosts the body’s immune system.
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Our women suffer psychologically and physically. They have lost hope and live in despair due to the stigma attached to HIV/AIDS. They become very emotional and sensitive due to the type of broken families they come from. As a result, they require someone who can listen to them and give them hope, confidence and trust. Therefore we have a professional counsellor to counsel them, and their families are also interviewed. 
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Some of the children at Jeevadan have lost their parents due to poor health and weak economic background. In most cases, infected children are not given any proper medical attention or personal care. At Jeevadan we reach out to meet their personal needs and also ensure educational facilities for growth in personality and a sense of social well–being.
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To get their minds occupied with mental relaxation and light physical movements, we provide opportunities for creativity like arts and crafts, candle making, flower making, embroidery, tailoring, gardening and envelope making.
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To meet their recreational needs, we take them on program picnics which they enjoy. There are also cultural programs, games and entertainment programs organized. Our patients also watch T.V programs.
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Special occasions are celebrated here to experience a sense of solidarity and togetherness. We celebrate Independence Day, Republic Day, World AIDS Day, Children’s day, Women’s day, and also, common birthday celebrations. We also have other schools and associations coming to our organization to put up cultural programs.
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At the death of a person, the family and doctor are informed about the death. Every death is certified by the doctor. We also undertake the responsibility of cremation of the body if they are unwanted by the family or if they are destitute. Every death is reported to the village Panchayath.