Jeevadan is a care and support centre for living with HIV/AIDS. We, the daughters of St. Camillus started Jeevadan Palliative Care Centre, on Feb 2nd 2004 to provide care and support for HIV/AIDS infected abandoned women and orphan children. We have facilities to accommodate 50 residents at a time. The centre has facilities for treatment, nutrition, medical care, nursing care, counselling, educational care, vocational training etc.  At present we have 58 residents i.e, 26 women and 32 children. They know that their life is short and society will not accept them as they are. After the death of their parents, children are usually not accepted by their family members. Therefore, Jeevadan, the life-giving centre, as the name indicates, is committed to enabling these children attain holistic and sustainable growth in secure conditions.
Jeevadan is a non-profit organisation. We do not receive any support from the government and we have so far been running our centre with our own resources and help of generous donors. We find it difficult to maintain our mission without support from donors and volunteers. The Almighty will richly reward your generosity and goodness, and you will be gratefully remembered in our daily prayers.